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Nuclear Medicine

In the Nuclear Medical Diagnostics functional processes of organs are represented graphically. After intravenous administration of an ephemeral, weak radioactive substance, its spread within the body will be recorded by a highly sensitive special-purpose camera. The low dosed applications (few milligrams) and the short half-life of the radioactivity (6 hours) assure a low radiation exposure with usually no allergy risk.

Nevertheless this examination should not be made during pregnancy.

Here you will find information for all currently offered examinations:

Bone-Scintigraphy (Skeleton- Scintigraphy)

Here the bone metabolism of individual body regions or even the whole skeleton can be shown. Even many bone changes can be identified more sensitive and earlier than in the x-ray technology.

Since the metabolism of the bones proceeds very slowly, this examination spreads over several hours. During the exposure time of the substance (2 – 4 hours) you may leave the practice rooms. You may eat and drink and take your medicine as usual.

Please bring along relevant Radiographs, CT-, and MRT-images and treatment reports together with the questioning for the examination, as well as bone-scintigraphies to the examination.

Thyroid Scintigraphy

This job profile shows the distribution of functions within the thyroid and also „hot“ and „cold“ nodules, as well as over- or underproduction of the entire thyroid (hyperthyroidism or thyroid subfunction).

The evaluation of the scintigraphy requires the simultaneous knowledge of the x-ray-findings report, the current thyroid-lab results, former significant thyroid treatments (surgery,  radioiodine treatment) as well as a list of currently taken medication.

On examination day, please do not take your thyroid medicine in the morning, but bring it with you.

Apart from that you may eat, drink and take your other medicine as usual.

Kidney Disorder Scintigraphy

The kidney elimination function is presented by serial images in a process that takes appx. half an hour. Urinary retention requests an additional diuretic agent injection (Lasix) during the examination.

Before the treatment you may eat and take your medicine as usual. You should however drink plenty of liquid (at least 1 Liter).

A potentially carried out kidney x-ray examination or a CT or angiogrphy using x-ray contrast media should not have taken place more than 3 days, better 5 days before the time of the kidney elimination function scintigraphy.

The analysis of the examination is a time-consuming process. The result therfore cannot be discussed with you immediately, it will be sent to the transferring physician by mail or fax.