The MRI Scan creates high-contrast slice images of the respective body area by only using magnetic fields and radio waves. During this examination it comes to loud knocking and crackling noises . Ionisising radiation (such as in x-rays or Cts) do not apply during MRI Scans.

Contrast media for orthopedical diagnostics is usually rarely used by us. If needed we use MRI-contrast media with a very low risk of intolerance.

Even if there are no teratogenic effects known, a MRI examination during the first three month of pregnancy is recommended in urgent cases only.

A MRI examination with our high field MRI machine is impossible to provide if:

  • pacemakers or intracorporal defibrillators,
  • vascular clamps or stents, in particular in heart or cerebral vessels, have been implanted less then 6 months ago.
  • metal splinters in critical body regions (brain, eye, spinal cord, near nerve cells or vessels)
  • cochlear implant
  • metallic stirrup clamp
  • implanted medication pump

In unclear cases please talk to us before arranging an MRI-appointment.

If you fear confined spaces (claustrophobia, agoraphobia) an intravenous mild sedative can be given directly before the examination to avoid fear and inner tension. However driving a motor vehicle afterwards is temporarely not possible.
Please inform us about your claustrophobia when an appointment is made.

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