Skeletal Age

Determining skeletal age and calculating the estimated final body height

The bone age (skeletal age) usually correlates with the chronological age of a child or adolescent.

In the case of developmental disorders (e.g. tall or short stature), the bone age may differ from the actual age (chronological age).

Determining bone age is an objective procedure to assess the development status and the future adult size of an adolescent.

We use the latest version of the Tanner-Whitehouse method (TW3) in our practice. This is a computer-aided comparison with a large normal control group that is carried out using an X-ray image of the left hand. The procedure can be used from the age of approx. 5 years.

All that is necessary to determine bone age is an information on gender (male/female), current age and height of the child. And girls should indicate if their menstrual period has already started.

Since it is not possible to evaluate the X-ray of the left hand immediately as well as to determine bone age and the prospective final length, we will inform you about the result promptly.

The procedure is not included in the service catalog of the statutory health insurance (SHI). The billing of this desired service with x-ray, written evaluation and findings report is made according to the current German Scale of Medical Fees (GOÄ). The total costs are approx. € 48,-. The private health insurances (PHI) usually pay for examination without any problems.

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